Advantages of Family Mediation

If you are caught up in a family tussle in which you have failed to reach an amicable settlement, it is advisable to go through a family mediation process before you think of taking the matter to a family court in Brisbane. Family matters are often weighty and can have lifelong impacts on your life if you do not follow the right channel in settling them. Although many people prefer getting solution through the law courts in Brisbane, family mediation process should come to your mind first before you think of litigation process. The process usually involves the presence of a third party who remains neutral and does not support either side of the parties. The disputing parties can invite their lawyers as well, but this is not always needed.

Advantages of Family MediationThe main objective of family mediation process is to enable both parties to have control over their situation, express their views freely and agree to reach a permanent solution to their dispute. Some of the advantages of having family mediation include:

• It is less expensive than the court process, in terms of time and money

• It gives you the opportunity to express your views on the subject freely

• It is an effective dispute resolution process

• It is based on mutual agreement; no one is forced to comply

The person taking part in the mediation process should be skilled and experienced in dispute resolution matters. If a child is involved in the dispute, the process should take into account all the provision of children law Brisbane, to enable the parties to make the right decision in the best interest of the child.

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