All Time Favorite Recreation in Brisbane

27 Mar

EkkaAre you an outdoor enthusiast person?  If you are, Brisbane is one of the best places for you to head on! There are lots of exciting outdoor thrilling activities that you can engage in.  Yes, it’s very true that all time favorite sports and recreation in Brisbane are cricket, rugby, baseball and motor race but it has lot more to offer.  No matter what the season is or the weather condition, you can certainly find exciting activities to do during your stay at the city.

Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose either water activities or rugged mountainous activities.  Among those thrilling sports and recreations to engage in are the below.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Abseiling and Rock Climbing

The 20 million years old cliff is favorably situated just across the lovely Brisbane River and is just few meters away from the South Bank Parklands. It is a favorite recreation spots for rock climbing and abseiling. You can hold your breath while abseiling as you witness the stunning views of the city, river and the parkland. Rock climbing is a slightly hard activity but it will allow you to develop muscles. You can also see the meandering Brisbane River while climbing.  Having a picnic in the cliff is also a rewarding activity.

Kayaking and Boating

Whether you are a well experienced paddler or just a first timer, you can enjoy kayaking at Brisbane. There are lots of places ideal for kayaking and boating. One of the most preferred venues for boating and kayaking is at Brisbane River. Day or night you can engage in such exciting activities at the Riverlife. You can choose to hire a kayak for almost one and a half hour that cost $25 per head or may join the instruction session that cost $39 per head.  Other favorite Kayaking and boating venues are the Scarborough Pirate Park, Russell Island and the Redlands Kayak Tours.

Cycling and Rollerblading

Even just roaming around the city, you can enjoy the scenic views. Cycling and rollerblading is one of the best options to explore the city and its attractions. All over the city there are cycle lanes and arterial cycle links to get you in touch form the city to other remote parts. Among those best places for cycling and rollerblading are the Bicentennial Bikeway, Normanyby Cycleway Link and the South East Freeway Bikeway.  Engaging in such activity allows you to get in touch with nature and explore the city views.

Still, Brisbane has lot more sports and recreation to engage in. Just come as you are find the best and suited recreation for you!