Australian Celebrations and Holidays To Mark in Your Calendar

17 Apr

There are plenty of tourist attractions to see and activities to fill your time in while visiting Australia. But if you want to experience more than just fun-filled activities and sightseeing tours, you need to visit during Australian celebrations and holidays to immerse yourself into the culture. It is also one of the best ways to experience a local town or city because you become part of the celebration of local heritage or history.

Here are some local celebrations and holidays you need to mark in your calendar. This will enable you to plan out your vacation ahead of time to coincide with any of these events:

Australia Day

This is probably one of the most popular Australian celebrations and holidays. It is commemorated not just in Australia but by Australians from all over the world. This is also one of the most important public holidays in the continent because it marks the founding of the 1788 white settlement in Australia. It is celebrated annually every January 26th.

Chinese New Year in Sydney

There is a huge celebration held every Chinese New Year in Sydney to commemorate the special event. It is also a mark of the large Chinese and Southeast Asian community presence in Australia. Hence, every year there are several festivities held in Sydney and in various Asian communities in the country. In Sydney, locals head to Sydney’s Chinatown in Haymarket area wherein they can enjoy performances, merry-making festivities and explore Chinese food from various stalls.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Irish Australians represent a huge percentage of the Australian population, which is why the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most awaited holidays of the year. The parade is the most grandiose part of the celebration wherein the Irish culture and customs are showcased. However, there are several other activities held in commemoration with the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Australian Open

For the sports enthusiast, this is one of the most anticipated sporting events each year. The Australian Open is held during the month of January at Melbourne Park. The world’s top tennis players compete for one of the Grand Slam tournaments for the year.

Australian Festivals

There are a wide range of festivals held in Australia all year round. Some are held annually while others are one-time events only. The Sydney Festival, though, is one of those annual events wherein guests can experience a showcase of dance, music and visual arts. This is held every January. Meanwhile, The Perth International Arts Festival is observed every February wherein guests are treated to outdoor theatre showcases and contemporary dance performances. For the film lovers, the Melbourne International Film Festival is one that you should mark in your calendar. It takes place during July and August. There are over 300 films shown throughout the duration of the festival, all of which originate from filmmakers from various parts of the world.

Have you visited Australia or experienced Australian celebrations and holidays? If not, make sure to take note of the aforementioned events and festivals to join in on the fun with the locals.