Best Season to Visit Thailand

Known as the country of hospitality and smile- Thailand will never fail your dreams and desires. The country is a home for outstanding beaches, entertainment and spicy cuisines. All kinds of race as visitors and tourists are welcome in the country to come all the year however some of the rural area in the country are less accessible during the rainy season. With this, it is vital to know the best season to visit Thailand to for a fulfilling travel in the country.


Basically, Thailand is the best known tropical, warm and humid country. Its climate was affected by annual monsoon where the rainy seasons are experienced during the months of June till October. The rest of the month is dry season. Temperature during these months measures from 75 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. And the highest temperature is during the months of March until May while the lowest temperature is during months of December and January.

Further, Thailand has three seasons. The hot season is during months of April to May. The cool season is on November until February and the rainy season is during the months of June until October. The temperature in Thailand is around 34 degrees Celsius during hot seasons or summertime but it can rise up to 40 degrees Celsius. Its measured humidity of the wind is 75% and this are the months that are not recommended to visit the country unless you plan to permanently submerge into the ocean.

During rainy season, flooding can be experienced in the country since the temperature during this season is 29 degree Celsius. Humidity of the wind here measures 90 %. The southern areas of the country has a 2,400 millimeters of rainfall per year while the northern and central regions of Thailand experiences 1,400 millimeters of rainfall per year.

During the cold season (November to February) is the best or perfect time to visit Thailand. The northeast monsoon is blowing with cool and dry air. Temperature at the country is measured 18 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. At night, the temperature drops down and is quite chilly; the higher altitudes temperature can drop below its freezing point. So whatever season you planned to go ahead the great places in Thailand, it is always advisable to be prepared with all the necessary suit and emergency kit while on travel.

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