Best Time to Travel in Brisbane

01 Apr

If you plan to travel, it is necessary to know the perfect time to visit the place where you are planning to head on. It is very important to know the local weather condition and the significant events or festivals being held to fully enjoy your travel.

One of the best getaway places around the world is Australia. It is a semi arid country. It features mega diverse habitats where tourists and visitors can find alpine heaths and tropical rainforest. It has many best cities to explore. Among those cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Kiama and Brisbane.

Brisbane CBD

One of the most preferred destinations is Brisbane. It holds many popular attractions. Among those are the Roma Parkland, Portside Wharf, South Bank Parkland, City Botanic Garden, Mount Coot-tha, Kangaroo Point and the Botanic Garden. Weather in the city is classified as humid subtropical. It means that throughout the year it experiences humid and hot summer, then dry moderate warm winter season. If you are planning to travel in Brisbane, you don’t have to worry. All throughout the year, it is nice to visit the city.

Average Temperature and Seasons in Brisbane

During months of December to February is known as the hottest months in Brisbane. It is the summer season in the city. During these months the highest temperature ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Those months are also the wettest month in the city. Between months of November to March, it is common to experience thunderstorms accompanied with hail stones, winds and torrential rains.

March to May is the Autumn Season in the city. Temperature ranges from 14 to 29 degree Celsius. Medium amount of rainfall is expected during this season. The coldest temperature in Brisbane is during months of June to August. It is the winter season in the city.  Temperature ranges from 11- 23degrees Celsius.  September to November is the Spring Season. Temperature ranges from 14 to 28 degree Celsius.

Depending on your own taste and preference you can visit the city at any time. Those who love tropical adventure can visit during months of December to February. On the contrary, those who love cool and refreshing temperature can visit the city during winter season.