Brisbane: Family-Friendly Destination in Almost Every Corner

25 Feb

Brisbane is Queensland Australia’s capital and the most populous city in the continent. It promises a destination away from the noise of the Metro, where a lavish experience into the sun, sand and the sea lies. Tourists can never go wrong in choosing Brisbane for family getaway, mainly because of the attractions that it has to offer.  Aside from its beaches, there’s just so much outdoor fun that tourists can discover and enjoy here, all purely nature bound.   A Brisbane trip offers an experience that will be enjoyed by everyone of any age.

Brisbane is sitting next to the banks of Brisbane River, which is facing the mouth of Moreton Bay. Despite its proximity to the beach, there are also equally tantalizing attractions that tourists can find in land. As a Brisbane travel tip to take with you, we enumerate some of the most famous attractions of this city:

Gold Coast

This is the destination to be for those who are after a laid back yet stimulating day under the sun.  The Gold Coast is at the south eastern part of the city, where a combo of the beach, rainforests, theme parks and invigorating nightlife settle. It’s a refreshing yet active way to spend your vacation at the Gold Coast. The attractions tease physically assertive recreation which can also be enjoyed just by relaxing.

South Bank

This is one of the most significant precincts in Brisbane, primarily because it holds and preserves the culture of the city.  It’s situated at the banks of Brisbane River.  In this area, tourists get to discover and experience the entire heritage of Queensland. What better way to do that than to explore the city’s Museum, Arts Centre, State Library and Art Gallery.  If a picture paints a thousand words, then certainly the art found in the confines of this district radiates a gazillion.   Apart from the cultural ride that South Bank offers, high end cafes and restaurants can also be spotted here, coupled with a riverside that walks towards these lavish establishments.

Alma Park Zoo

Also goes by the name Natural Animal Sanctuary, this place is basically a local zoo that houses animals, mainly exotic Australian species.  Alma Park Zoo is located at the northern part of Brisbane, and was built back in 1973.  Since it showcases mostly Australian exotic animals and creatures, a variety of fauna, Koalas, Kangaroos, wombats, monkey, camels, dingoes, crocodiles and even pandas fill this zoo.  This tourist attraction is just 30 minutes cab ride away from Brisbane’s downtown metro. For those who want Brisbane for family getaway, parents won’t have a hard time accompanying their kids to this Animal haven.

Mt Coot-tha

For a total outdoor experience, a trip to Mount Coot-tha, the metro’s highest mountain peak, can provide a refreshing close to nature experience.  Trailing along its pathway will provide tourists a majestic view of Brisbane’s landscapes.  Once on top of the mountain, the majestic view of the entire city can be witnessed. Mt. Coot-tha is the best place to do an early morning walk or jog to jumpstart the day fresh.   With the Botanic Garden found on the foot of Mt. Coot-tha, early mornings in this location are always as fresh and pleasant as they could get.

For tourists who are in Brisbane for family getaway, the attractions mentioned are some of the most visited places.  There are more spots that Queensland has to offer, but for those who need a quick route around Brisbane or just want to warm up their mood for a vacation, the attractions mentioned are certainly good for starters.