Brisbane South Bank Parklands

08 Apr

Tourists who want to relax in the beach without travelling at a long distance should find themselves in South Bank Parklands where a man-made beach is located. The beach is just few minutes travel from the center of Brisbane. It is mainly composed of a mixture of plaza, rainforest, green grassed areas and refreshing waters.

The South Bank is one of the most significant important cultural precincts in the city. It serves as a venue for large scale events, festivals and celebrations. Due to impressive attractions that it holds, it is visited by almost 11 million of visitors each year.

Story Bridge Adventure ClimbIt is easy to navigate South Bank park because walkways and cycle lane is found all over the place. The most popular path is the Riverside path because it’s a friendly path for all ages as rest areas are provided.

Featured Attractions at the South Bank

Courier Mail Piazza

The Piazza is an open air amphitheater where community events are held. It is known as Suncorp Piazza before. It has 2,158 available seats. The Piazza is used for displaying sports and news on its 2 large suspended screens.

The Arbour

Serving as a beautiful pedestrian walkway is the Arbour. It features 443 curling steel in columns that is covered with bouganvillas which blooms flowers all throughout the year. It stretches for about 1km from the Cultural Forecourt to the Vulture Street.

Wheel of Brisbane

Towering for about 197 ft or 60 meters in tall is the famous Wheel of Brisbane. It is a wonderful Ferries wheel erected last August 2008 in commemoration to World Expo 88 20th Anniversary as well as the Queensland 150th Anniversary. It features about 42 gondolas. Riding in the Wheel for 15 minutes offers stunning view of the City and the Brisbane River.

Street Beach

The most spectacular and impressive attraction in the parkland is the Street Beach. It is about 2000 square meters and is surrounded with 4,000 cubic meters sand. It received an award as the Cleanest Beach and the Friendliest Beach Award. It is composed of lagoons filled with water and is sufficient enough to hold five Olympic Swimming Pools. It displays subtropical trees, rocky creeks, palm trees, and exotic paintings.

Because you will surely get hungry during and after strolling at the park, you should enjoy delicious and exotic foods and drinks at any of the cafes, restaurants and pubs at the riverside.