Discovering Manchester

In the past, the Manchester is regarded as a rural situated. Yet textile business industry shifted a big transformation and today Manchester as well as neighboring cities are the center for career and education, business, media, entertainment and arts. The education system for public includes the 4 high schools, fourteen public elementary levels and 4 mid schools. Moreover, there are other faith-based as well as private schools. And there are 7 post-secondary universities in Manchester.


United Kingdom oldest library- the Chetham’s Library is located in Manchester. It was opened and been used by the public since 1653. More so the city was regarded as the “Cottonopolis.” Being a big cotton market and been benefited by Australia, South Africa and the New Zealand for such industrial linen. Tourism has improved as well, and best places to visit include the Piccadilly Gardens—with all the monuments of Royal people such as Duke of Wellington, James Watt, Robert Peel and most especially Queen Victoria. There are notable themed parks and gardens, OARKS—opened for public such as the Heaton Park.

The transport system in the city is superb. It includes buses, planes, and trains operating all over Manchester. In the country, it is one of the first cities to have train services system so you can trust to get tube stations or subways service to go around the places. Yet there are numerous advantages from renting cars and travel tours by bus are becoming wide. So a lot of options for transport are now even better.

Manchester is primarily known for being prime locations for local and international bands in 1980s. This includes the Oasis (whom Liam Gallagher kept ‘Madchester’ alive!), Simply Red and Herman’s Hermits. Impudence band music is also a big part of

Manchester heritage. In connection to this various FM and Am radio stations are here. Metropolis is also being served by 4 newspaper publishers, 1 comm’l TV station, public TV station, and WMUR – TV (ABC affiliate). During the 80’s and 90’s Manchester was in the optimum cultural explosion with several bands such as the Happy Mondays including Stone Roses whom were performing at Hacienda Club. Many of bands’ members, for instance, Shaun Rider led a the rock ‘n’ roll style.

Science and Industry Museum

If you are fun of getting to know more about the city, don’t miss the chance to see galleries, performing centers, arts museums and other venues prominent in the place including the whole Europe to tour. There , Museum of Transport, and Science and Industry Museum are perfect to visit. For nightlife, a lot of pubs, bars, clubs and other entertainment houses are almost full daily. So with this, you will never get idle while in Manchester!

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