Fantastic Theatres on the Bay- Esplanade

If you are opting to see the lion city, Singapore, there is no way you will be learn something out of your visit in the place. So it’s just necessary to pick the best itinerary before going in the place. Among the best place to discover and explore includes the fantastic icon on the bay. A dome-like and resembling roof like a durian fruit is really an eye catching structure that is connected along the grand buildings in Marina Bay, Singapore. It was generally designed so artistic that makes it unique to other buildings in the world. So with this, thousands of travelers are visiting the wonderful space within it.


Take a Closer Look at the Esplanade Concerts

The Esplanade has all the modern facilities of varied purposes. It has huge space for international and local high quality performances, meeting and function venues and other related services for grand events and presentations including exhibits.

Within the building is the huge Concert Hall that accommodates 1600 individuals. This orchestral platform can hold a number of about 120 musicians. In the interior design, a canopy is added to be the sound reflector for performers to hear themselves like musicians. Also there are other ways to be impressive in its features, as there is a pipe organ containing 61 stops and 4740 pipes. It supports to have high-class performances achieved success to its best.

Concerning the on stage performance, the Esplanade took pride to offer its Theatre. It can accommodate of about 2000 guests. It is carefully designed to allow audience to keep a closer look at the esplanade concert and presentations.  Moreover, the Theatre studio, Recital Studio, library and Jendela are merely part of the building structure. They offer unique venue for every different type of Singapore concert and event.

esplanade theatre

  1. Jendela is good for presentations of exhibits and visual arts of the local, regional as well as the international collections.
  2. The library@esplanade is a pioneer public library in the city that is devoted to performing arts.
  3. The Theatre Studio is perfect for dance presentations and experimental theatre. It can accommodate up to 220 audiences.
  4. The Recital Studio is suitable to small scale musical band performances, for functions and meeting wherein guest is just below 250.

The Esplanade – the SG theatre complex derived its name from large waterfront venues in the entire island. Its purpose is generally to organize a bigger option, a larger theater just to accommodate a perfectly proficient multimedia. Other theatre has a nice fly tower (30 meters), 2 large stages (built to get it easier to shift from scene to scenes) which are incorporated with proscenium arch. An orchestra pit is added to fit 100 musicians at same time.

More Information to Satisfy Guests Cravings

The Esplanade is used to visit for the so called ‘Satay Club’, a line of food chain that serves barbecued meat, grilled seafood which is truly a Singaporean delicacy. It’s nested beside the famous Sembawang Shopping Center.  There is also a bustling 8,000 sqm Mall that offers mix of retail in the Esplanade. A diverse lifestyle outlets and entertainment are seen into the three levels. With this, it provides all the needs and wants for all walks of life.

What’s more? Guest can also relax while watching the live performances at the cafes and restaurants in the mall. Dine and wine at alfresco Waterfront, move to the Waterfront and have some check to its local hawker specialty. So make sure to visit this place and have a unique shopping getaway at the center.

Best at Padang near Esplanade

Formerly known as the famous The Padang Cricket Ground, the Padang is certainly a perfect place within the Central Area in the lion city. It was surrounded by lot of important landmarks including the City Hall, Saint Andrew’s Cathedral, the Old Supreme Court Building and the MRT Station in City Hall.

Due to its historical significance and prime location, it has been the venue for a lot of events such includes the National Day Parades in 2010 and in the past years on 2005. In the past, Padang was named as the Cantonment Plain, Esplanade or the The Plain, Raffles Plain. So now, the field between 2 clubs is called the Padang and its right in the front of the City Hall.

So now, you have got the most of the information on the fantastic Esplanade and Padang; find the Singapore cheap hotel rates to make your plan come true.

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