Festivals and Events in Thailand

Do you love to celebrate? If yes, the people in Thailand love as well. As they celebrate this festivals and events, the atmosphere and ambiance of the country becomes more colorful and exciting. This is one of the major reasons why Thailand is the most preferred destinations in the year recording many visits all throughout the year. Basically, there are two most famous annual celebrations being celebrated in the country. One of it is the annual Songkran or water festival and the Loy Krathong.

The Songkran or Water Festival is popularly known as the New Year for the Thai’s.  It is celebrated every 13th -15th day of April. People during the celebration were armed with water guns. Chaotic water gun fights and a lively non stop partying was also the atmosphere in streets and in everywhere. By splashing water, it means that they pay respect and wishes good luck to everyone.

The Loy Krathong is one of the most romantic and most spectacular events being celebrated at the country. Lovers usually go out by pairs and spend nights together. They float their Krathong and utter silent prayers. Krathong was a special boat made up of banana leaves and it holds alighted candles with a small offering. During full moon on the 12th lunar months the festival was celebrated.

Aside from the two major festival and events celebrated, there were other exciting festivals that were held in the country throughout the year. During the month of January, the Bo Sang Umbrella Fair and San Kamphaeng Handicrafts Festival were celebrated. It is traditional art of painting and umbrella making.

On February there are celebrations such as the King Narai Reign Fai, Lop Buri, Flower Festival Chiang Mai and Lampang Annual Elephant Satok Fair was held. By March only the Asian Barred Ground Dove Festival was held. It was participated by more or less 1,400 participants and the highlights here was the dove cooing competition.

During April, there is the Poi Sang Long Mae Hong Son festival being celebrated aside from the Songkran. It highlights the spectacular and colorful procession that displays the offerings for monks. On the next month of May there are Fruits Fair, Rayon, Chantburi Trat, Royal Ploughing Ceremony, and Yasothon Bun Banghai Rocket Festival. On June, it has the Phi Ta Khon Festival, Loei events.

During July, a procession and elaborately carved candles with various sizes can be seen as they celebrated the Candle Festival. During August is the Her Majesty The Queens Celebration and by September, there is the Boat Racing Festival and the Vegetarian Festival.

October November and December were filled with exciting festivals as well. The Chon Buri Buffalo races and Wax Cast and Boat Racing Festival during October are hosted. Aside from the famous Loi Karthong in November, there is also the Traditional Boat Races, Surin Elephant Round Up Show, and the River Kwai Bridge week. December events includes the Kings Birthday celebration, Ayuttaaya World Heritage Site celebration and the Phuket  Cup Regata.

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