Handling a Bad Boss

It is inevitable for one to have a difficult, ineffective or just unprofessional boss at one time while in employment. So as to handle such a prickly situation i.e. dealing with a bad boss, in the best way possible, it is advisable that you follow the five steps indicated below to the letter.


Handling a Bad Boss1st Step: Get it in writing: you should ensure that you put in writing any unreasonable arguments, threats or promises that your boss might make. The easiest way to document such unpleasant circumstances is to do everything over mail or chat. In that way you have elaborately recorded and documented proof of such situations like sexual harassment.

2nd Step: Identify the crisis: This is the best way to ensure that you will have a peace of mind and will enable you to have a ground on which you can put it out there to your boss. Write it out and speak clearly of the current situation. Know your rights as an employee in Australia and know when your boss crosses the line.

3rd Step: Ensure that you do your part as an employee flawlessly. Your boss should not be able to divert the attention from the issue at hand to your flaws as an employee. You don’t want to end up jobless; it is difficult finding a new job in Brisbane.

4th Step: Inquire from ex-employees or your colleagues on what makes your boss tick. Learn all you can about the previous habits of the boss in order to fully understand him.

5th Step: Never let emotions take the better of you. Communicate without anger; be clear and precise in your communication.  This is the best response when dealing with bad boss.

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