Highlights of Manchester City

Manchester is the region of New Hampshire, the main urban city and the north of Boston. It has a population of approximately 110,000.  It has gone through fast paced modernization and is recorded as the 2nd tax friendly city in the region.

manchester city

Economic Background

Progress on cloth trade in 18th century during the Industrial Revolution, Manchester made it to build a name within the region. Cloth-making was initiated by Flemish settlers, a medium that bring initial growth to the place. It has notable powered machinery on cotton mills which made Manchester known in the world.

As railway systems and canal were expanded, the transfer of goods from and to places became easier which strengthen Manchester as the hub and centre of industrial world. This has been the benchmark of textile industry and eventually improved with other ventures in 20th century, with known firms to operate such as Rolls Royce at Kelloggs, the Ford Motor Company and other more.


For good transportation, the city features the “Manchester – Boston Regional Airport” where major airlines aviations are operating with the Southwest Airlines as the biggest share. The airport has local and international services. On the other hand, the public transport of the city is served by the Manchester Transit Authority that operated all buses in the city. Both and Concord Railway and Boston Express run routes to Boston and other side of the state.

The expressways 93 and 293 are both the key highways while the multi-lane Everett Turnpike links the city to Concord as well as White Mountains to the Northern part. On the other side, Nashua and Boston go towards the Southern part. Other lines are the following:

·         Eastbound NH 101 main road (4 lane) towards Hampton and the beaches on the coastal area of Maine

·         Expressway 95 to Northern part of the city

·         Westbound NH 101 main road (2 lane) routes to Keene, Monadnock and to the western areas

Climate and Weather of Manchester city brings 4 seasons such as fall and spring time ( in short transitions), chilly winter and summer.

More information

Manchester has diverse activities from tradition to modern events. Among them were help to the different arts and museums located within the place such as Currier Museum of Art, Palace Theater and the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Other public center includes the “Wireless Arena of Verizon” that serves as venues of many events, from concerts to theatrical productions, sporting activities to music recordings, fairs and other programs.

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