Bad Boss?

It is a fact that most people quit their jobs, not because they hate the work, but they can’t stand the people they work with. This is most often true when it comes to employer-employee relationship. Finding a new job in Brisbane is not an easy thing, and sometimes the pay is worth it, so people choose to just grin and bear it. However, where do you draw the line between what’s acceptable and what’s not? Here are a few tips on when you should let it go, and when you should take things to HR.

Bad Boss


First of all, you have to know your rights as an employee in Australia. For starters, when you got the job, you are given a copy of the company policy and your contract. Don’t simply sign your name, make sure you understand the contents of it. Also, be certain that you know the boundaries of a rude and brutally frank boss. A few harsh comments is considered normal, but dealing with a bad boss who attacks your personal life is considered out of line. A friendly pat on the shoulder can be a sign of encouragement, but obvious leers and suggestive language may fall under sexual harassment already. If you’re in doubt, make sure to go to HR first, don’t gossip with your fellow employees. They might destroy whatever case you have by telling on you, and making you liable for slander.

When it comes to dealing with a bad boss, sometimes all you have to do is speak up, either directly to your boss or through HR. Sometimes, employers have so many concerns about the business that they don’t put much time into developing working relationships with employees.

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