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Dealing with a bad boss is nothing new in an organizational setting. Bad bosses come in various forms: insensitive and abrasive, unfair and inconsistent, indecisive, or the micro manager who stifles people’s capacity to grow and perform. Different employees have varied ways of dealing with a bad boss. Faced with such a situation, numerous managers opt to commiserate with fellow employees or develop a passive attitude. Dealing with a bad boss can be nerve wracking in anyone’s career. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know your rights as an employee in Australia. These rights include recognizing what constitutes sexual harassment at the workplace.

Quick Solutions

In spite of being outlawed for more than 25 years, sexual harassment is still a problem in Australia. Knowing how to handle or respond to a bad manager is crucial to your performance and career. Ideally, we would all have incredible managers who helped us thrive. Unfortunately, this is not the case. However, whether your manager is incompetent or has anger issues, you must make the best out of your situation and perform your duties. These tips can help you deal or cope with a difficult or bad manager.

•   Ensure everything you are doing is right

The initial solution is a sincere analysis of your behavior and actions. It is essential to establish how you have been handling yourself at your workplace. If you discover your manager has affected your performance, try ignoring unnecessary distractions, concentrate on your work, and see whether this changes anything.

•  Maintain a journal

This solution entails documenting every bad behavior exhibited by your supervisor. Rather than judge or note down emotional responses, simply indicate the facts of the circumstance and note how your manager’s behavior affects your performance. This process may offer stress relief, allowing you to cope.

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