Join the Nightlife at Brisbane’s Central Business District

29 Jan

As the capital city of Queensland, Brisbane offers a host of activities for locals and tourists alike. The area has seen rapid development over the past few years and is quickly catching up to more vibrant cities like Melbourne or Sydney, both of which are located in Eastern Australia. The usual restaurants, shops, and other forms of entertainment are found all over Brisbane but there is also an equally vibrant Brisbane CBD nightlife for those who like an alternative lifestyle.


Brisbane CBDWhen in Brisbane CBD area, there are several pubs to choose from and hang out for those who like to stay up late. The Queen Street Mall in CBD, for instance, offers a huge selection of pubs and bars. This is the best place to hang out in Brisbane at night if you want to enjoy a drink while conversing with some friends or immersing yourself in the nightlife scene.

A popular pub amongst locals is the Mick O’Malley’s Irish Pub that features a casual surrounding ideal for hanging out with friends. In addition, they have a wide selection of drinks to pick from. For other pubs in Brisbane, some of the most recommended ones include:

•    Down Under Bar
•    The Belgian Beer Café
•     Fihelly’s Bar
•    Guilty Rogue
•    Platform Bar
•    Burger Urge Garden’s Point
•    Archive Beer Boutique


Majority of the nightclubs in Brisbane are located mostly in the heart of the city or the Fortitude Valley. And the nightclubs offer two different experiences (and caters to a specific type of crowd) depending on where they are located. If you prefer a more conservative kind of crowd, then make sure to check out nightclubs in the city. These are the perfect destinations for those wanting to unwind after work with some drinks and dancing.

Tourists who’d like to get in on the hottest nightclub scene in Brisbane should check out any of these:

•    Siana
•    Jade Buddha
•    Fridays

Live Music Bars

The live music scene is thriving in Brisbane and there are all sorts of destinations for those who like to be treated to a sample of local and international music. Here are some of the notable venues for live music fans:

•    The ZooLive Music Bars CBD Brisbane
•    Rics Café
•    The Arena
•    The Fort
•    The Step Inn
•    The Troubadour
•    The Tivoli

Several independent music stores in Brisbane are fostering this live music scene and making it as lively as ever for music fans. In addition to these regular venues for live music, a host of music festivals are also held in Brisbane all year round notably including St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Future Music Festival, and Stereosonic, to name a few.

Dance Clubs

If you are more into dancing than drinking or listening to live music, a host of dance clubs and bars are open to cater to your needs at Brisbane. Some dance bars even have their own restaurant and a bar for those who’d like to enjoy some delectable dishes or drinks after a night of heavy dancing. There is also a wide range of clubs that cater to the younger crowds and a more trendy bar for the professional crowd.

Check out these dance clubs while in Brisbane:

•    The Met
•    Monastery
•    Uber
•    Cloudland
•    Kaliber

Which of these Brisbane CBD nightlife destinations have you tried?

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