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Law Firms BrisbaneLawyers play a critical role in the dispensation of justice. Their service is anchored on the fact it’s not easy for a common person or someone specialized in a different field to understand all his/her rights and responsibilities when faced with a legal situation. Just like anywhere else in the world, Law firms Brisbane ensure that their clients are equipped with all the legal information they need during a civil or criminal trial, transaction, or any other circumstances that might require legal interpretation.  Brisbane is an expansive city with a population of more than 3 million people, the third highest in entire Australia.  There are numerous legal companies located within the city to cater for the legal needs of its residents.

Key Brisbane law firms

The law firms in Brisbane are both small and huge, ranging from those that are staffed with a single lawyer to extremely large ones that have many lawyers and a national presence. Ownership typically ranges from sole proprietorship to professional corporations.  Some of the biggest law firms that are also found elsewhere include the Freehills, Clayton Utz, Allens Arthur Robinson, King & Wood Mallesons, Blake Dawson, and Minter Ellison.  These six law firms are commonly referred to as the “Big Six Law Firms” by virtue of their sizes and presence in every important part of Australia.  The big six are popular because they often provide some of the best legal services and have a deep understanding of the Australian legal framework.

There are other many legal companies that provide their legal services only in Brisbane of the larger Queensland area. Here are some of them that have their offices within Brisbane central business district.

·         O’Sullivans Law Firm Solicitors & Attorneys – The law firm is located on 54 Kent Road, Wooloowin. It is one of the key players in Brisbane and offers a variety of legal services which include divorce and family law, Property law, Legal aid, and estate law, among others.

·         Usher Levi Lawyers – Usher Levi Lawyers is located on the Riparian Plaza 71 Eagle Street and is also among the key law firms in Brisbane. The law firm specializes in legal services pertaining to corporate and commercial, real estate, building and construction, and transport.

·         Williamson and Associates – This is another popular law firm in Brisbane. It’s strategically located a long 4 Rakeevan Road, Graceville for ease of access. The firm has been in town for 30 years and provides legal services in a wide range of areas.

·         Connor Hunter – The law firm is located along 55 Tingal Road, Wynnum. Connor Hunter has provided legal services to Brisbane residents since 1971 and specializes in many areas including commercial and property law, family law, estate and wills among other areas.

·         Potts Lawyers – The law firm is located at Wesley House along 140 Ann Street. The law firm prides itself as the largest in criminal law in Queensland and has provided legal services for over 100 years. The firm specializes in criminal and traffic related law issues.

Other key players in the Brisbane legal system are Carter Capner Law and Russo Lawyers.

Common services offered

Brisbane Lawyers understand the role they play in provision of legal services to the society. They know the government trusts them and gives them licenses to advocate for justice in courts of law. Most provide the much needed assistance to their clients in the interpretation of legal matters that might appear complicated and confusing to them.

Law firms in Brisbane provide all the necessary legal assistance that might be demanded by their clients. This often occurs both in and outside law courts.  Their core services to the Brisbane populace is to research and offer law interpretation services, provide legal counsel, give necessary legal support when required, prepare legal documents, and assist clients in filing registrations. In the event a prosecution is required, they collect evidence, plan for trials, argue their client’s case, cross examine witness, and defend their clients.

Dispute resolution might be conducted in and out of court.  There are four detailed avenues through which law firms can help their clients to reach an out of court settlement and these include mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and demand letter.  When an out of court settlement is not possible then the case proceeds to litigation. This can either be civil litigation or criminal litigation.

In conclusion, it’s clear that legal companies in Brisbane play a crucial role in the running of the justice system. Though it’s possible to find any perfect system and the law Brisbane providers are not exception, their services are excellent on the most part and provide a good example to be emulated by others.

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