Oaks Festival Towers

When traveling to Brisbane, you will be overwhelmed with the number of hotels to choose from, which also ranges across a large budget scope. Several factors come into play when choosing the hotel for your business or leisure travel.

Oaks Festival Towers2Here is another one to add into your list – Oaks Festival Towers. This hotel promises an ideal location and plenty of other perks. Make sure you find out more information about this hotel to help you decide when booking.


The hotel is located at 108 Albert Street, Brisbane, Queensland. It is therefore located right in the middle of the city, which makes all primary shopping, dining, and other tourist destinations within close distance. In fact, you can access most of them on foot from the hotel.

Albert Street is most noted as the site of the famous Brisbane Festival Hall. Hence, there are also several other notable attractions within the area. There is no need to hire a cab driver to take you on a sightseeing tour of the city.

The hotel is accessible from the Brisbane QLD airport by taxi or land transportation. The total distance is about 13.2 kilometers.

Room Facilities

Every single room in Oaks Festival Towers is equipped with basic to advanced amenities, depending on the cost and size of the room. The design of the room features a contemporary flair and their own fully-furnished kitchen. In addition, all rooms are air-conditioned to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation. And yet, every room also has their own private balcony. Other amenities include cable or satellite TV, coffee maker, refrigerator, and hair dryer, among others. Oaks Festival Towers

One thing that the hotel takes pride in with their rooms is that they are extremely spacious. Hence, every guest will truly feel like they have their own home away from home. It has also received great reviews from previous guests when it comes to cleanliness and quality of the facilities. There are up to 401 rooms available for booking in the hotel.

Hotel Amenities

Guests, whether leisure or business travelers, experience a luxurious life during a stay in this hotel. Aside from being located at the heart of Brisbane’s financial district, it offers premium amenities for guests including an outdoor pool, a sauna, and a spa tub. Travelers, who are conscious of their fitness, can also use the on-site gymnasium to keep in shape even while on vacation.



Unfortunately, there is no in-house restaurant or dining facility within the hotel. But since all rooms come with a fully-furnished kitchen, you can prepare your own meals at the hotel room. You can also step out of your hotel room and check out one of several restaurants within the Brisbane city center and experience the local cuisine. There are several restaurants offering regional delicacies for tourists.

The Oaks Festival Towers has all you need in a hotel: convenient location, well-furnished and spacious rooms, and accessibility to other attractions within the city. This explains why they are a favorite among tourists who are visiting Brisbane all year round.