Parks: Brisbane’s or Sydney’s?

25 Apr

Brisbane is among the most visited spots in Australia and in fact voted as one of the most livable cities in the whole world.  Sydney, on the other hand, is also popular in the world for its rich geography and environmental affluence. Both cities cater wonderful sceneries around from hotels, parks, restaurants, to museums, and more. However, if you are to choose one, which would that be?

summer in brisbaneTo know which the better city is, let’s scrutinize each city when it comes to the common crowd spots that are just around each of them: the parks. There are numerous parks and gardens in Brisbane and Sydney but the bodies of water that make each of their background views are different.

The Difference

The Brisbane River makes the background of the city parks while the sea makes the beauty of the Sydney. Hence, a person will choose between Brisbane and Sydney depending on his mood if he wants to see the sea or the river.

Any choice is a great choice. Brisbane parks are great for biking, picnics, exercise, and parties. The patches of green grasses and bushes and trees are just remedies for a stressed mind. Sydney can also give an equally active weekend for everyone. Enjoying the swim is just relieving and the breath taking view of the beach will make your day.

Brisbane Parks

Among the best parks that you should visit in Brisbane are the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Captain Burke Park, Roma Street Parkland, Wynnum wading pool and park, Sandgate Foreshore, Rocks, Riverside Park, Sherwood Forest, New Farm Park. All these provide fun activities for kids and romantic times for couples. Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, for example, has bamboo groves and cactus plantations, which are popular as beautiful backgrounds for photo shoots. Apparently, kids won’t really love it but couples will do, especially those who are engaged since it is just perfect for their pre-nuptial shoot. Kids, on the other hand, will enjoy parks and resorts like the Wynnym Wading pool and park. Biking and enjoying the view of the river and the green surroundings is perfect in areas such as Rocks Riverside Park and Sandgate Foreshore.

Sydney Parks

Parks and resorts in Sydney are just likewise beautiful and enjoyable. Among the first ones that you should not miss are the Bondi beach, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Parramatta, Hyde Park Barracks Museum, Botany Bay National Park, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Manly Scenic Walkway. Bondi Beach is one of the best in the world where the Pacific demonstrates a perfect scenery of  calmness and peace. Botanic gardens are also great for walks and picnics. These are where you will not see “keep of the grass” signs but instead “please walk on the grass” signs. Enjoying and mending a broken soul is not forced here, it just happens automatically for each individual.

So What’s the Choice?

Where should you go, Brisbane or Sydney? It is really hard to choose. Perhaps, if I will be asked, I will choose both but I will explore Brisbane first not because it is better but because it is more interesting for tourists. Sydney is already a common tourist spot and is known around the world. I want to see why Brisbane was once upon a time hailed as the third most livable city in the world. Sydney is great on the other hand and I don’t want to leave Australia without experiencing it.