Places To See In Italy

Amazingly Italy holds the greatest number of sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Around the country, visitors could see great numbers of monuments and splendid arts. It is also popular worldwide for its tasty cuisines, luxurious sports car as well as motorcycles, alpine lakes, mountains, and beautiful coasts. It also features rich and diverse cultures.

It is a big peninsula that has a boot shape located at the Mediterranean Sea. No wonder, it is called as the II Bel Pease or the Beautiful Country. Its neighborhood is composed of Switzerland, France and Austria. On its north was Slovenia. Surrounding the country were the Adriatic Sea (on the east), Ionian and Sicilian Sea (on the south), Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinian Sea and Liguria Sea (on the west). Due to its favorable location it houses so many wonderful tourists’ attractions.

Italy as Land of Art and History

The country was famous for being the land of art and History. It is known as the center of history, culture and art and houses varieties of historical museums that displays a wide collections of archeological antiquities and many impressive collections of the past. That is, enjoy the country being the inextricably woven of an impressive present day landscape.

Every corner of the country displays countless impressive sights as well as wonderful surprises. As a fact, its artistic cultural heritage was one of the mostly preserved and valued in the world. As a whole the country boasts breathtaking beauties. UNESCO World Heritage Site listed that Italy holds 400,000 forts and castles, 95,000 churches, 36,000 libraries and achieves, 4, 000 gardens, 20, 000 historical towns and cities, 5,600 archeological sites and museums and convents which comes into 1500.

Places To See In Italy

The country offers rich combination of vast numbers of masterpieces on its different areas. It has a blending culture and landscape. Also, tourists can venture and visit the private residences of the ancient noble families. There is the world’s famous museum known as the Florence Uffizi Gallery, Rome Capitoline Museum, and the Millan Brera Art Gallery. Wonderful archeological sites such as Herculaneum and Pompie can be also explored in the place.

Famous Cities in Italy

The country boasts hundred impressive cities. All of those cities were really unique and impressive yet these were some of the best and famous cities in Italy.
Rome or also called as Roma was one of the most beautiful city in Italy. It was also the capital city of Italy and boasts so many wonderful sights and attractions. Among those attractions in Rome were the Coloseum Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Vatican Museum, Castel Sant Angelo, St Peter Basilissa, San Giovanni in Laterano and many more.

Bologna was another famous city in Italy that houses one the world renowned university, filled up with rich culture, technology, food and history. Some of the must be visited attractions here were the Piazza Maggiore, National Gallery of Art, Neptune Fountain, Museum of Archeology and Basilica of St Petronio.

It’s no wonder why Florence is one of the best cities in Italy just like in Asia, the Hong Kong and Singapore . It’s popular for being a Renaissance city as its art and architecture contributed a major impact in the world. Among those top attractions you might want to see includes the Piazza della Signoria, Galleria degli Uffizi, Galileo Science Museum, Museo Nazionale del Bargelo and Piazza del Doumo.

On the other side, Genoa or also known as Genova was a wonderful tourist’s attraction in Italy. It is a significant medieval maritime area. The port of this area brings trade and tourism along with its rich architecture and art. Among those top tourist spots in the city is the Aquario di Genova, Passeggiata di Nervi, Piazza Fontane Marose, Palazzo Doria Pamphili and Abbazia di S. Siro di Struppa.

Milan was also one of the top preferred cities being visited by the tourists. Fashionistas will love being in this most fashionable city and a relevant center for both business and trade. Among those impressive sights to be seen here were the Cathedral of Milan Italy, Sforza Castle, Opera House and the Museum of La Scala, Gallery of Vittorio Emmanuelle II and Sta Maria de lla Grazie and Da Vinci ‘s Last Supper.

Great Things To do In Italy

Unending fun, thrill and adventure are home for many in Italy. As such, there are a lot of wonderful things to engage in or do during your travel in Italy. The country was known as one of the best producer of wine so the best thing to do was to visit the vineyards. One particular place to be visited was the Chianti. Another wonderful thing to do at the country was the Cycling tour. There are several companies in the country that offers cycling tours to the Italian countryside. It is tiring yet it is fulfilling.

Sailing was also best way to explore the Islands in Italy. Among those islands to be visited were the Sicily and Sardinia. If you want to explore, then the International Yacht Charter and Sailing is a great group who can assist you all the way to your sailing trip

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