Places To See In Thailand

Places To See In Thailand

Places to See in Thailand

Welcome to the Land of Smiles! Having such a strong friendly reputation, it is known as a wondrous kingdom that features exotic wildlife, spectacular islands, and impressive Buddhist Temples. Along with its unique culture comes a delectable foods and relaxing known Thai Massage. No wonder Thailand is one of the most preferred tourist destinations.

The country was also the one and only nation in Southeast Asia that was never colonized by the European. Measuring a total land area of 510, 890 square kilometers and 2,230 square kilometer bodies of water, it also belongs to the top 50 biggest country in the world. It is also situated 15 degrees north away from the equator and has a tropical climate ranging 66-100 degrees Fahrenheit (19- 38 degrees Celcius).
Thailand also features an advanced and well-developed capital city. It boasts so many wonderful attractions to be visited. Additionally, Thai were very friendly and accommodating.

Thailand BeachesThailand Accommodation

Hotels in Bangkok are known for finest hotels around the world. Ranging from five star luxury hotels to family run bungalows apartment, accommodation here were really superb with beachfront and distinct facilities. These accommodations will surely fit everyone’s budget and these luxurious accommodations are readily available anytime.
The lowest accommodation price here is during months from May to August. It is the month known as off peak season. Climate condition at these months was rainy so you are expected to make lower deals for accommodations. The most expensive prices here are during December to February. These months are cool season and are expected to have more visitors and tourists in Thailand. In whatever season, a warmth welcome and hospitality are offered for people here.

Places in Thailand

Thailand has five regions. It includes the North, East, Northeast, South and Central Thailand. It is also divided into 76 provinces and each of these provinces was unique. Each of provinces boasts unique historical, cultural and natural attractions. Northern peaks that houses wildlife at the same time serves as home to the exotic hill tribes. The Central Plain was known as the Rice Bowl for Asia. The northeastern plateau that stretches Laos to Mekong River also holds great attractions. The southern Part of Thailand includes Samui and Phuket. Spectacular beaches as well as islands can be seen there.
Unique shopping products are produced by the different regions in Thailand. It has different activities, tourist attractions as well as regional events and festivities.

ThailandTransport and Travel in Thailand

For visitors and tourists convenience, Thailand offers many ways of transport and travel options. Wherever region or place in Thailand you are heading to, there are efficient ways to travel. Visitors and travelers can opt to travel via airplane, by bus and cars or by ships. There convenient ways to travel Even in remote places of Thailand.
Domestic and International airports in Thailand were also present. International Airports were the Bankok Suvamabhumi BKK, Phuket HKT, Hat HAi HDY, Chiang Mai CNX and Koh Samui USM. Buses and Coaches were also effective means of travelling in Thailand. Other means of transportation here is via train.

Best Places in Thailand to be Ventured

For the last 30 years, Thailand is one of the most visited tourists destination. Each year millions of tourists come to the country just to see the lovely beaches, gaze at the famous temples, and other scenic spots. Eating Thai foods, mountain climbing, riding in elephants, visiting hill tribes and meeting Thai girls were some of the exciting activities to do as well.

On the other hand, a good place to venture in Thailand was Bangkok city. It is the capital city of Thailand and known in the world of being hot, fast paced, and crazy. It holds many admirable temples such as the Wat Phra Kaew. Best shopping malls, parks and gardens, and palaces are all located within the capital and one of the most visited and admirable palace was known to be as the Grand Palace. So, bangkok Thailandwhat else would you like to tour in Bangkok?

Chiang Mai is another well liked places in Thailand. It is only an hour travel away from
Bangkok by a plane. It offers world class restaurants, five star hotels, night markets with traditional products and even art galleries. It also houses temples such as the DoiSuthep temple which is known as the holiest temple in Thailand. Temperature here is little cooler than Bangkok.

Phuket is also the third most visited place in Thailand. It boasts white sandy beaches with a clear blue ocean waters. It is also known as the best snorkeling and scuba diving around the world. Tasty foods and cuisines were also served here. You would always experience a buzzing nightlife here, vibrant and lovely… So is you just love being with a lot of Thai entertainers, go to this place and check out for the best hang out destinations in Phuket.

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