Relevant Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The moderate climate, numerous public beaches, resorts, the amazing natural scenery and many other factors have led to thousands of tourists flocking the islands every year. If you are planning on taking a holiday there, it is important to know a few relevant facts about Hawaii. They will help you understand the geography and culture more clearly.

  • Hawaii is a US state that is made up of several Islands. It was the 50th and most recent declared United States State.
  • Hawaii was once a monarchy. Its first ruler was King Kamehameha I and the last ruler was queen Liliʻuokalani.

    Hawaii Map

    Hawaii Map

  • Hawaii is one of the two US states (the other being Alaska) that does not share a border with another state. It is not located in North America.
  • There are eight main islands that make up Hawaii. There are also other smaller islands spread around the Hawaii region.
  • Hawaii is a favorite place for visiting biologists, tourists, culture lovers, geologists and marine experts.
  • The Hawaiian Islands are populated by a variety of cultures in particular Asian and North American Cultures. This has led to the development of a wide variety of foods, festivals and other social aspects.
  • Hawaii hosts the most active volcano in the world which is Kilauea. In addition, there are many other numerous volcanic features formed by past and ongoing volcanic activity.
  • The most common forms of transport are buses and taxis.

The above relevant facts about Hawaii are just a tip of the Iceberg. There is so much more that you can learn concerning the unique region.

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