See the Lost Creatures in Queensland

11 Mar

Do you believe in Dinosaurs? These are super huge creatures that have existed on earth millions of years ago. Imagine if these building-sized creatures are still living today, it will be so hard to attain the advancement of technology today since they will bump into all buildings, homes, and all things around us, including the wires around the cities. Good thing, they are fossils now and they challenge our curious minds.

Queensland is one of the first cities that comes in my mind when talking about dinosaurs and other “lost creatures” because of the magnificent museums made to house the valuable fossils.

“Lost Creatures introduces you to some of Queensland’s long-lost inhabitants, including dinosaurs, giant marine reptiles and megafauna. Meet some of our state’s inhabitants from millions of years ago and marvel at their diversity and immense size. Find out about the challenges they faced at a time of great upheaval and change.” read more at

If not because of dinosaurs, we will not be able to see what the world was like many years ago. It’s just amazing to see and imagine that millions of years from now, everything will change as well. Change is the constant thing in the universe. We have to face it and enjoy it at the same time.