Shopping in Thailand

As one of the tourist hub for entertainment and tourist attractions, Thailand also offers a buzzing shopping avenue in South East Asia. There are spoil choices and array of large, shiny department stores, shopping malls, tiny independent shops, bustling bazaars, and numerous street vendors around the country. The country’s shopping destinations are all great especially during holidays. You can do bargaining and lots of funny processes as you go on shopping.

Many of the most modern and largest shopping malls as well as department’s stores all over Southeast Asia are available in the country. Malls usually have the latest designer clothing and the branded items in the world of trends and fashions. However, bartering for the price inside the mall is not allowed. With this, almost all those shopping malls offer a fix price or rate.

Street Vendors and Night Markets

Shopping experience at the night market in Thailand is also a must to see and experience by everyone who visits this Land of Smile. Those night markets are great places to negotiate and have barter with the vendors. As a fact haggle and bartering of goods is expected to Thai’s and foreigners shops at this markets.

It is really a great fun and adventure that you do shopping at night market and yet should always take a look at every detail of purchases. Why?  Counterfeit and fake items are sometimes sold at these markets. Branded items and merchandises such as Rolex, Luis Vuitton and Ray Ban were imitated and it’s really hard to determine or see the difference.

Great Things to Buy in Thailand

Best selections of design, color and patterns of silks as well as handicrafts made with uniqueness. None of the market around the world has this kind of products. This includes the famous products as silk. One of the most popular silk outlets here is the Jim Thomson shop. Moreover, the wide range of clothes outlet and fashion boutiques are offered in Thailand. Clothes and garments are really interesting because it has the leading and largest manufacturing company for clothes around the world.

Not only known for down price clothes but it is also known as the gemstone capital. Gems are all important for fashionistas so this is a cool place to buy one. Almost all types of colored gemstones and diamonds can be purchased here.

On the other hand, there is as well wide range of furniture crafted or made from rattan and rosewood that are available in many designs. Shopping destination such as Chatuchak Weekend Market, Siam Paragon, Thong Lor, Plak Klong Talad, Jung Ceylon and Nimmanhaemin Road offers a great time for anyone to enjoy and have a shopping spree.

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