Singapore Currency Value and Its Money

singapore moneyEvery tourist and guest should be get acquainted and get aware of the money used in transactions in Singapore. Singapore dollar is the form of currency that has been used in the country. You don’t have to be confused of its abbreviation as S$ to the usual American dollar symbol, $ since a there is an “S” sign before the dollar “$” sign. Its currency code is SGD. Both bill notes and coins are also available in the place. So in case you want to visit SG, you need to see the current currency conversion and or the money exchange rates as well.

On a good purpose, a travelers’ cheque can be a good instrument for transactions in the place. Tourists can just bring their credit cards as well. They’re beneficial to all the visitors and tourists. This will allot more budget for its travel expenses and can compare it to his home country.

Singapore Currency

Singapore dollars including scents are forms of payments that are allowed in the place. There are several types of Singapore’s bank notes consisting of the 100, 50 and 2, just to mention some. The coins also come in various, for example, S$ 1, 5, 10 among others. S$ 50 coins are also available. Cents which can be obtained include 1 and 5. The largest bank note is the 10,000 dollars.

Yet there are also several transactions that various currencies can be all involve other than needing you to access several money changers and center, for example for Yen. Several restaurants accept US dollars and British pound as well. Tourists are allowed to make use Australian dollars on some of the famous though selected shopping centers.

If we all know the value of Singaporean money is just equal to the Brunei dollar. The Monetary Authority of SG and the Brunei Currency and Monetary Board prefer to retain the historic exchangeability of its currencies, the Brunei dollar and Singaporean dollar respectively. The dollar money of both countries is accepted and treated as “customary tender” according to the Currency Interchangeability Agreement; likewise in the whole Singapore for the Brunei money as well.

Traveler’s Cheques and Credit Cards

There are various types of credit cards which you can be able to use for transactions with the Singapore agencies, offices, malls, food section and tendering machines. For instance the Visa and MasterCard, America Express, Diners Card and the JCB, the payments can be through the relevant cards. Also, other means can use other bank’s ATM cards due only for some fees and charges. You might as well use the banks cash traveler’s cheque yet you must always carry with you the personal passport. Tourists are also allowed to hold any kind and amount of the foreign currency.

Short Background of Singaporean Dollar

Historically Singapore utilized the same currency as Straits Settlements. Later it was dominated and became a British Malaya. Basically after which, the Malaysia monetary union with Singapore was in force in 1963 to 1965. Yet it was not then settled until this was broke down and the lion city established- ‘Board of Commissioners of Currency’ which definitely distributed the first notes of its very own currency.

Banking Hours and Money Exchangers

Most banks in Singapore city operate on working days- Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. In some sites, there are banks which are actually opened on weekends that are usual in the mid city, for instance, in Orchard Road. Guest can always get in touch with these banks and get their money converted. On the other hand, tourists can as well convert their currencies upon departure or arrival at the international airport of Singapore. Moreover, the railway station has its currency conversion facilities as well. You must see that exchange rate for currencies vary dynamically and frequently.

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