Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort

Showcasing a stylish playground for all generation, Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort is a breathtaking hotel located at the Gold Coast, and is within reach of the region’s pristine beaches, picturesque sceneries of hinterland valleys and fashionable shopping boutiques.

With 28 floors, this hotel is made up of 299 rooms and 30 suites. In each room, the first thing you will notice upon opening the front door is the balcony. While this is quite a common feature in most apartment-type accommodation, it is quite a rare feature for most hotels.

Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort’s

Superb Comfort 

It’s clear that rooms have undergone quite a refurbishment, which includes clean and comfortable feel, small couch and plush beddings. If you’re traveling in a group and are looking for more space and comfort to accommodate everybody, then upgrade to executive suites.


Delectable Food Choices

Sunday lunch at Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort’s restaurant – Critique, is stacked with bread made by local bakeries. The buffet is not your everyday buffet, as it features cold meat, some fish and more salad choices. In its corner is a dedicated noodle bar with a wide selection of curries. There’s also the roast station and of course, everybody’s favorite – the dessert corner with chocolate, fruits, tarts and different types of mini treats,


Enjoyable Activities

This resort is also known as the House of Fun. It may not be the party place in Benihana, but it is the view right from the rooms or journey to the one and only saltwater pool in Gold Coast, with tropical fish. Alongside the lovely pool are the cabanas. Also, this hotel features a long shoreline, giving you plenty of sand to walk and run your toes through.

Guests can cool off under the waterfall in a hot summer afternoon. There’s a slide for kids that features a 12 or so seconds of fun. And for anyone looking for relaxation, there’s a spa with a wide selection of treatments.