Swissôtel The Stamford

Exploring Singapore can be really exciting because of what it can offer. Tourists of all kinds like families, businessmen, and even single traveler will enjoy the diverse activities. Each of the accommodations in Singapore caters services according to the preference of the clienteles. So if you are looking for an international luxury hotel, the Swissôtel The Stamford accommodation at is absolutely one of the best because of its total customer service experience being offered.

What about Swissôtel The Stamford?

Step beyond any limit to see and explore the beauty of the lion city which you can find most near the famous swissotel address in Singapore. Go further to a more convenient and exhilarating ambiance of this five star hotel where luxury hospitality and excellence is found. Located in the mid of the bustling city, the swissotel is considered as one of the tallest icon, with 226 meters height, in the whole south Asian countries accommodation getaway.

Swissôtel The Stamford

The hotel stands in the most strategic location in 2 Stamford Road, Riverside, Singapore. In the midst of the SG CBD, it is perfect for shopping and entertainment gateway in the place; as much as bustling activities and awesome business outlets to enjoy and venture. It is also five minute stroll away from the Esplanade wherein the fantastic Theatres on the Bay, amusing National Art Gallery as well as the Padang are situated. Moreover, it is also located less than a 10-minute stroll from Asian Civilisations Museum and SAM at 8Q. So if you going to get back to your hometown or your place, the Swissôtel accommodation is just a 20 minute drive to the Changi International Airport.

Salient Features of the Accommodation

What kind of accommodation are you looking for? There are simply 1,261 well appointed guest spaces you can choose from at the Swissotel. It features the state-of the art amenities and the most modern facilities that can be the best and most ideal place to live while visiting the island state of so called the lion city of the South East Asian country. The rooms are generally adorable with complete facilities that will enable it to prove the best Singapore luxury hotels accommodation.

What else can you look for?

This property accommodation can offer more than what is to be desired. There are 11 great restaurants that offer diverse dining cuisines that passed the best quality of foods around the world. As such are Italian cuisines, Chinese and Japanese food stuff offered in various known restaurants like the JAAN and Equinox. You might just love to have its local cuisines- Cantonese dishes as well. Then if you love to eat too, the well known and fine dining spaces within the hotel are just right enough to get you satisfied. So truly this will be a perfect place to both business travelers and professionals who are looking for a convenient place to transact business and at the same time have a well rest over the stay in Singapore. It’s time to book for your room for the best hotel rates in Singapore.

In addition, there are as well the lively bars on site. Among the five bars, you will surely glad to visit and enjoy them. You can always make the best out of the vivid place in the hotel. There are as well other outlets for entertainment and relaxation as the available swimming pool, fitness club and gym with your loved pilates and yoga. More so, the Stamford has its luxurious accommodation of its panoramic views of the city perfectly great for the discerning travelers.

Business Hub Under One Roof

The main convention center in the hotel offered is the Executive Conference Center. It features the modern functionalities such as the touch-based screen that are facilitated via video-conferencing. For those who are looking forward for a grand event, there you can find the most interesting grand place that seats 3,000 guests at the Fairmont Ballroom. This is a dedicated place suited to all activities and business events as well. There is the Atrium Ballroom for big number of guests and the Stamford ballroom for larger functions as well. The hotel comes with a complete set of facilities that are vital to the success of your business. So after the grand celebrations and functions, you might love to relax on its Willow Stream Spa and other related getaway places.

The Lounge called Swiss Executive Club and Business Exec. floors do provide more luxury, privacy and exclusivity. So you must always expect a calm feel on a daily basis though this well known international and largest spas. Business as well as leisure travelers will definitely find comfort from its facilities added with quality, reliability and efficiency to the Swiss hospitality. Also, you are lucky to have the secure hotel parking space that is available for travelers with car and vehicle.

With a lot of services right on your hand, the Swissotel at the Stamford proves nothing but the best business venue and accommodation room.

Other Information

Swissôtel The Stamford is managed by the Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts that was designed by architect I.M. Pei. It is near the City Hall MTR stations and few steps to the shuttle services. Open in 1986, the hotel has the big pride to offer the most quality services along the central business district of Singapore. On the other side, there are as well the Swissotel Merchant Court located at 20 Merchant Road, Singapore.

Testimonials about the Hotel

As a professional and business traveler, all my concern is to get the best convenience of the location I will book. But to my surprise, the Swissôtel The Stamford is not just a perfectly located sanctuary yet the most convenient place to stay as well. My room if great and the ambiance are pretty cool that I can always get refreshed from all the distress and toxic endeavors I had in my work. So whatever you aim for, there is nothing to be compared to the Swissôtel. – Gershom Blake

Here is a video shared by johnnyfuller on his stay at Swissotel Singapore.

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