Thailand Famous Attractions

Southeast Asia’s famous tourist destination includes the beauty of Thailand. Thick jungle, shimmering beaches, great foods and luxurious hotels are certainly located in this place. For everyone’s budget and interest, you can always have something to certainly suit your taste.

One of the impressive islands in Thailand Tarutao National archipelago is the Ko Tarutao. It is the greatest attractions where the sea turtles, monitor lizards, mouse deer, crab eating macaques, and whales. Compared to other island the waters in the Ko Tarutao are murky for snorkeling. It also holds unspoiled beaches, great venue for hiking, impressive waterfalls and panoramic views.

The Ayuthaya is also one of the most famous attractions in Thailand, a very ideal location between India, Malay Archipelago and India. It is once a trading capital of the Asian people and once became the largest city burned by the Burmese. The city was relocated and rebuilt few km away. Now the place was a famous historical park. There are palaces, temples and buildings that are made of stone.

The worlds’ most famous and oldest statue of Buddha known as the Emerald Buddha is located in the country as well. It is housed in the Wat Phra Kaew which is also inside the Grand Palace. This palace holds impressive architectural styles and magnificent attractions to see in thailand so just be in formal attire as you visit the palace.

The second biggest and impressive island is the Ko Chang. It is located near Cambodia’s border and is one of the most charming islands in the country. It offers clean sandy beaches, rainforest, waterfalls, coral reefs, and wildlife’s.  Presently it is one of the major tourist’s destinations in the country.

Another good attraction in the country is the Chaing Mai. It boasts commercial buildings, modern shopping destinations, boosting arts, handicrafts and imported goods. It also highlights the Night Bazzar that sprawls for several blocks. Temple grounds are also located in the area so you might try to explore much other stuff on it.

Another exciting activity in the place is the water sports. It has the best diving destination in Thailand that includes the Simila Island located at the west side of the Andaman Sea. Its archipelago holds 9 islands that are covered with white sandy beaches and tropical jungle. The diving sites facing west has a massive granite features and is covered with soft and hard corals while the diving sites facing east features sloping coral reefs.

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