Three More Unique Ways To Enjoy The City of Brisbane

13 Jan

Being the capital city and most populous place in the state of Queensland, Brisbane is home for diverse and comprehensive environments. This is why most accommodation Brisbane CBD is about the unique nature adventure and thrills. Besides, Australia’s biggest draw is its natural beauty.

Like many cities in Australia, Brisbane is largely a highly urbanized city with many places having their own characteristics and unique features. The city is known for its creative confidence, positive attitude, and lively vibe, making it genuinely a new-world city. Though it’s largely a fast growing city with forward-thinking citizens, it maintains a vibrant, youthful enthusiasm, and friendly atmosphere for everyone, even for tourists from all around the world.
If you’re looking for unique adventures in your Brisbane favorite place, then you have come to the right page. Here we showcase some of the city’s unique outdoor adventures and heart-pumping activities.
Queensland Rail Travel
Queensland Rail Travel
Whether you’re in Australia for a summer vacation, or you’re visiting friends or family, have some special deals to get to enjoy the scenery of your trip. Kids can travel free in economy seats in Bundaberg and Rockhampton tilt trains, while premium economy seats are on the new Spirit of Queensland. The services for the latter include a state-of-the-art rail-bed seating and entertainment along with its high speed, comfortable and smooth ride.
Tangalooma Dolphin Feeding
Looking for another unique experience? How about a wildlife encounter? An accommodation Brisbane CBD with Tangaloma Island Resort visit will let you hand feed bottlenose dolphins visiting the shore at sunset. These playful creatures visit the shore regularly, and they come in groups. Prepare to get wet – bring extra clothes and dip into the water to enjoy your dolphin encounter.
For everyone concerned of the welfare of these dolphins, there’s no need to worry. The dolphin feeding program of the resort maintains strict guidelines to make sure these sea creatures keep their independence and natural instinct for searching food. They are only fed 10% to a maximum of 20% of their daily food requirement, which means they have to find the 80% to 90% on their own during the day.
This experience is included in selected accommodation Brisbane CBD, and most CBD hotels Brisbane include this type of accommodation.
Guests can also take part in other exciting activities in the resort, such as quad-bike tours, Desert Safari tour packaged with sand tobogganing, including water activities like whale-watching cruise during the months of June to October, jetski ride, marine eco-cruise, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving.
River City Cruise
One of the great ways to explore the city of Brisbane is through the decks of the daily 1 and a half hour of sightseeing cruise trips. The River city cruise allows guests to sit back and enjoy the entertaining and informative commentary from the captain. This trip is more than just a simple river cruise, it is also a guided tour where guests will be treated with the picturesque views and intriguing history of the city. All passengers of the boat will have a souvenir map and a complimentary morning tea (for 10.30 cruise).
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