Tourist Attractions in Singapore

People called Singapore as “little red hot” yet it is one of the best tourist destinations around the world. It is one of the most cosmopolitan countries that is culturally diverse and has fantastic technological innovations.  There are great and impressive skyscraper and structural buildings. A selection of hotel accommodation from 3 star to 5 starred hotels are available. Mammoth are the places to stay and places to get your business get success.


A Bit of Demographic Highlights

Singapore’s population is about five million only. English is used as the main language for instruction in different academe. All races from east  to west, south and north meets in this city state. Most of its people are working, male and female and the rate of death is very little. You could always notice the Singaporean distinct preservation of its original culture though it has been an open country or nation for all. With this, there are 4 major races that are living within such as the Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian. Each of the community offers different perspective of life in terms of belief, religion, culture, food and languages.

Singapore is such a small island state that was developed by its Singaporean leadership- a parliamentary republic; the people grow from a simple to luxurious lifestyle. It has been inhabited by indigenous settlers whom just lived as hunter and fisherman.  Today, it is an amazing country with impressive landscape gardens and high rise buildings

Things to Do in Singapore

  • You can embark to the heritage trail and make the best sound and sights to the notable Chinatown and Little India.
  • If you want the hustle and bustle of the city, then be delighted with the numerous shopping destinations, museums and entertainment to go. Get use to the shopping deals and include the stretch of Orchard Road
  • Party over the night in Boat Quay and Clarke Quay
  • Make the best time to experience the sumptuous cuisines in Singapore. It includes hawker, restaurant, cafes and other food stations offering of foods day and night. There are as well choices from Indian to Malay, Peranakan to Chinese for choice.

You can always witness the blend of arts cultures, cuisines and architectures. So let’s further discover the beauty and magic of the lion city beyond.

Beautiful Faces of Singapore

sentosa islandWherever part of SG you go, there is something if will awe you and just a piece of cake to travel. Take the road to visit the Sentosa Resorts World Singapore at Universal Studios Singapore, festive walk, to its beaches museums and other related places to see. Unveil the gems of the Marine Life Park being considered as the world’s biggest known oceanarium. Other site  to visit in Sentosa Island includes the following:

  1. Madagascar
  2. Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure
  3. Gogreen Cycle & Island Explorer
  4. Gogreen Heritage
  5. Island Explorer
  6. The Maritime Experiential Museum

You might as well love the best of the Marina Bay Sands. A fantastic architectural space is all in all seen in the wonderful place. There is the Art Science Museum, Marina hotel with its Sands SkyPark as well as the Shoppes. On the other hand, catch the best moment at the Singapore Flyer, the world’s renowned Giant Observation Wheel. Then you must go towards the Wonder Full, a light dancing with tune and sounds. There is a laser and light effects dancing together.

Other Tourist Destinations

Cable Car Ride– enjoys its scenic view, lush greenery and coastal sights on their 10 minutes cable car rides.

Gardens by the Bay– consist of 101 hectares, a $1B superpark houses more than 200,000 rare plants

Haw Par Villa– Chinese folklore, with history and legends that houses 1,000 statues and more 150 giant dioramas

Tiger Sky Tower- enjoy the languorously elevation to 131 meters high, above sea level of breathtaking views over the wonderful land of the lion city.

ION Sky– offers 360-degree views over 200 metres, and take a dining memento at the Salt grill.

Discover the Wonder of SG Zoo

As an award-winning tourist place, it has been more than just home rare and common animals. There is the Night Safari, River Safari, Jurong Bird. Located north of Mandai, the Zoo became the wildlife reserve that occupies 28 hectares of land. It is a perfect leisure area for families, individuals and all types of folks. Its tropical reveals a high respect to the several species.

With so many jungle elements, there are beautiful flowering plants “flora and fauna.”  There is a division of the area for Night Safari- 40 acres and 28 acres for the zoo. The Splash Safari has various types of water species. It has always unique tricks by sea lions, fish picking, fish wave, alter flow of swimming and more to associate with visitors. So what else are you looking for? Other places to see includes the Singapore Art Museum, Sentosa CineBlast , Ride on white-water rapids, Singapore City Gallery, Kid Family Park, Forest Adventure and more.

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