Travel Guide to Brisbane

09 May

Brisbane is a cosmopolitan city that features high end shopping venues, accommodating hotels, and skyscrapers. It holds many impressive attractions and exciting activities to engage in. Truly, it is one of the best getaway places in Australia.

Chinatown manchesterHere are some of the guides that you can use if you are planning to visit Brisbane.

Ideal Time to Visit Brisbane

Generally, Brisbane is a subtropical city. It means that all throughout the year it is warm and hot. Visiting the city during January can be brutal. It is because of very hot temperature that it experiences during this month. During months of June to August are the winter months. It is much cooler during this season.

Depending on your own taste and preference, you can choose the perfect time to visit the city. If you want hot and humid temperature with frequent torrential rain, you can visit the city during November and March. Those who love cooler and dryer months may visit the city during September and October.

Shopping Destinations

There are lots of supermalls and markets in Brisbane where visitors may enjoy shopping. Lots of items perfect for self treat or gifts can be bought for reasonable price. Among those famous shopping destination in the city are the Riverside Markets, Queen Street Mall and the Brisbane Arcade.

Must to Visit Places in Brisbane

Brisbane is a lovely cosmopolitan city that boasts wide range of attractions. Among those must to visit places are the below.

  • North Stradbroke Island
  • Urban Villages
  • Roma Parkland
  • The Kangaroo Point
  • South Bank Parkland
  • The Scenic Rim
  • Story Bridge Adventure Climb
  • The Alhambra Lounge

Accommodation in Brisbane

Brisbane accommodation offers lots of option. Travelers can choose to stay in motels, hotels, apartments, hostels, backpackers’ hotels, resorts and camping sites. Visitors can certainly find accommodation that will suit their budget and preferences. For best and relaxing accommodation, they can choose to stay on hotels. Among those recommended hotels are the Hilton Brisbane, Stamford Plaza Hotel, Pullman Hotel Brisbane and Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel.

Getting Around in Brisbane

The city is served by both local and international airlines. Among those are the Quantas, Thai Airways, Etihad Airways, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and many more. You may check their travel deals and find the best deals that they offer.

From the airport there are several shuttles that you can choose. One of the shuttles operating is the Airtrain rail. It operates from 5am till 6pm. To roam around the city, visitors can use the integrated public transportation system “Translink”. It consists of trains, buses and ferry. They can buy “Go Cards” to travel by these modes.

The Yellow Cab Co and the Black and White Cabs are also option. It is costly but you can travel in efficient and convenient way. Tourist may book via online or just flag them.

Additional tip is to check out the CityCycle Scheme. You can explore Brisbane this way for a very low cost and most sustainable way.