Travel to Culturally-Rich Brisbane!

13 May
Traveling to Brisbane is a new and exciting experience with different cultures and tradition to explore and discover. It is a very exciting place to visit with all the special festivals in Brisbane held throughout the year that just delight tourists. If you want your holiday in Brisbane, then there are some events in the city held at different times of the year you should definitely check out. The St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival, otherwise known as the Laneway is an indie-music event that started back in 2004 at Caledonian Lane, Melbourne. This festival of music has expanded from the Melbourne to other cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Fremantle. It was started in a very disorderly fashion but due to the huge amount of popularity, it soon became a thing to talk about. Another festival to look out for in Brisbane is the Valley Fiesta which is a three-day event featuring artists playing live music. The festival is pretty ground based with market stalls and local restaurants setting up nearby to provide culinary and shopping locations.
Caxton Street Seafood and Wine FestivalIf you are a fan of seafood and wine, then there is all the more reason for you to hit up Brisbane because of the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival which has been going on since 1994. It was started by the Caxton Street Development Association. Displays of art exhibitions and historical items are on show along with live music. The culinary requirements are looked after by cafes and restaurants located on Caxton street. The festival is very traditional and is held on the Sunday of the Long Labour Day weekend.
To top it all off there is the Paniyiri Greek Festival which is held in May every year. The festival is the longest running cultural festival in Queensland, running since 1976. The festival was started by Father Gregory Sakellariou to bring together the Greek population to share its heritage. The festival is well known for its music, food and also Hellenic dancing. The festival is held over two days and crowds of more than sixty thousand people are expected every year.
Many of the festivals held in Brisbane are also held in various other Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Brisbane is a city that is best to visit from December to May. After that the weather becomes a little too hot for tourist purposes. Even though it might be an urban city, a lot of special festivals in Brisbane are very much cultural, bringing about the balance between the two. If you want to holiday in Brisbane then you should definitely hit up some of the festivals that are held in the city.

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