Family Mediation

Family Mediation

The process of mediation is one of the best dispute resolution mechanisms that can be applied almost in every case. However, family matters being more emotional and personal, family mediation process is often preferred as a better means to find solution to the disputing parties. Disputes in a family can happen because of several reasons. Some of the common causes of family disputes include:

• Splitting relationships, such as divorce or separation

• Property division

• Financial matters

When the parties involved fail to reach any amicable form of settlement to their problem, they can invite a neutral, third party to facilitate the process of mediation. The person is often referred to as the mediator. The role of the person in a family mediation process is to give each side of the disputing parties a chance to express their views freely. As such, the mediator does not support any side, but creates a level ground for both parties to come to a binding agreement and a permanent solution to their problem. Without proper mediation, such issues usually end up in a family court Brisbane.

Although it is an out-of-court process, family mediation observes all the laid down rules of dispute resolution, and where children are involved observes the children law in Brisbane. The mediator should have the required skills and experience in dispute resolution in order to help the parties come to an agreement without taking sides. In the end, it is an amicable means of solving disputed family matters without taking them to law courts in Brisbane.

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