What to do on August and September in Brisbane?

18 Mar

August and September are among the most active and interesting months of the year in Brisbane. If you are planning to visit it 5 months from now, make sure that you make a good itinerary. You should not miss all the festivals which will make your travel worthwhile. Here are some:


EkkaEkka (The Royal Queensland Exhibition)

This is an agricultural show exhibiting the overall beauty of Queensland, Australia. Ekka is one of the few festivals in Brisbane that aims to showcase the beauty of Queensland, through its culture, resources and initiatives.  Activities during this festival include the exhibits, animal shows, competitions, educational displays and performances. The festival begins every first Thursday of August and would usually run for 10 days, ending on a Saturday. In case you’re wondering what Ekka is, it is a shortcut for the term “exhibition”.


Caxton Street Seafood and Wine FestivalCaxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival

One of the youngest festivals in Brisbane is the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival, which aims to promote the significance of Caxton Street in the history of Petrie Terrace, the central location of music, recreation and dining in Brisbane.  It is annually held on a Labor Day Weekend’s Sunday.  Apart from its historical significance, it is also intended to promote Queensland’s Seafood and Wine Festival.  It is exhibited as a musical festival, making it one of the liveliest festivals in Brisbane.