Dealing with A Bad Boss

Bad management is one of the reasons why employees are unhappy at work. A good working environment can easily be ruined by a bad boss because they can assign you a task and can immediately fire you basing on the outcome. This imbalance in authority makes it important for the boss and the employees to build a harmonious relationship with each other. On the other hand, you have the power and responsibility to speak up and defend yourself in situations like your boss is intentionally treating you bad because he sees you as a threat. So, here are some ideas and actions you can take when dealing with a bad boss.

Dealing with A Bad BossTake Immediate Action

Take action immediately after you realize that you are dealing with a bad boss and that you are actually a victim. It is very important to do something as soon as possible; but, pick the right timing. Do not try to approach your boss when he’s in a meeting or in the lobby. Talk to him or her in a quiet area where you can be calm and collect yourself and where he can give you his complete attention.

Don’t Be A Victim Forever

If you have tried everything you can to make your relationship with your boss smooth and he or she refuses to accept your efforts, move your complaint up to the superior management. If no one hears you or if there’s no senior authority to complain to, move on. Find a new job and get interviewed. Besides, finding a new job in Brisbane won’t be difficult at all because you have all your resources right at your fingertips. You can check the newspapers (The Australian, The Brisbane Times, etc) or use job portals online such as or among others. In addition, you can also check with Australian or international agencies for recruitment like the Australia Wide Personnel or with your chamber of commerce for job exchanges and newsletters.

Consult the AHRC or An Attorney-at-Law

Your rights as an employee in Australia include working in a secure environment and to not be bullied, discriminated and harassed. One type of harassment at work is sexual harassment which includes any sexual behavior that offends, humiliates or intimidates you such as an unwelcome physical touching, staring, sex requests, explicit text messages, intrusive questions regarding your body or your private life, etc. If this happens to you, file a direct complaint at the Australian Human Rights Commission (free) or consult an employment attorney (charged).

In addition to your rights, you should also be given entitlements for sick leave, annual leave, etc. aside from the reasonable pay, fair treatment and knowing about the probation period if there is one which usually takes up to three months.

Take note that dealing with a bad boss is different from just dealing with a bad relationship. The former is deliberately unethical and openly shows that he does not like to deal with you in any way. If this happens, protect yourself from your boss’ inappropriate charges that may be imposed on you. Ensure that every conversation or communication involving you and your boss happens with an individual or other people or colleagues around.

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