What You Need to Know Before Traveling to Brisbane

27 May

Brisbane is the capital city of Australia and is also one of the country’s most populous cities. Its popularity also stems from the fact that the city has so much to offer for tourists, whether you prefer a relaxed and laidback vacation, or something more adventurous. There are so many things to see and do that you might even need a travel planner Brisbane agent to ensure that you do not miss anything. To ensure a safe and hassle-free travel, though, you also need to comply with a few travel guidelines for international visitors.

International tourists who do not have Australian citizenship are required to present a valid visa before they can travel to and stay in Australia (New Zealand passport holders are exempted, though). If you are planning to travel to Brisbane, you need to visit any Australian embassy or consulate office in your own country in order to obtain your visa. You can also get your travel visa to Australia through travel or airline companies in other countries.

visa australia

The type of visa you obtain will also vary according to your purpose of travel to Australia. An agent can help you with this matter when you are planning to embark on a Brisbane travel tour. The general categories fall into traveling for the following purposes: as a tourist, business, work, or temporary stay (to work or train for a sport, etc.). Whatever your reason for going to Brisbane, however, must be explicitly stated upon visa application or else there are certain penalties imposed on breach of visa conditions.

The expiration of visas also varies according to the type of visa applied for. Tourist visas are good for 12 months while business visas can range depending on the type of business handled in Australia. Most visas, however, allow you to travel to Australia for 5 years. All visas come with a certain fee.

Always remember and stick by the above guidelines if you are to travel to Brisbane, for business or leisure. A travel planner Brisbane agent can help speed up the process of obtaining a visa so you can legally travel and stay in the country within the allowed period of time.

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